The three key elements of working at Cloetta


Cloetta is a company offering the best of both worlds: being international and local, large-scale and small-scale, personal and professional, learning and deciding, free and responsible. You can grow and develop yourself, because we have trust in you, hence giving you responsibility and freedom to make an impact on the business. You can really make a difference and work intensely with ambitious, inspiring colleagues creating new and smart ways to win.


Not only do we have fun products, we have fun as well. We have a smile in our DNA and it shows in our welcoming culture of trust, where the powers of authenticity, companionship and fun at work are cherished to generate the needed innovative, open, connected and inclusive atmosphere.

Strong brands

Founded in 1862, we are well-known for our candy, chocolate, nuts, fudge, nougat, pastilles, chewing gum and pick and mix concepts. We sell products in more than 50 markets worldwide and have leading local brands in our six core markets in Western Europe. At Cloetta, you’ll be working with well known, long heritage brands.

Leading local brands

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United Kingdom

A smile on everyone's face

Cloetta’s organization consists of a multi-cultural and internationally experienced group of people who operate in an open and free working environment. We work in a business that makes people happy and we always have a smile on our face when we come to work. Improving and developing the working environment is a natural part of operational development. Our goal is to provide a good physical working environment and a healthy working climate where everyone can feel secure, valued and is able to develop.

More about Cloetta?

Meet Fia – Malaco Watermelons fan; “For a sweet tooth like me, it is impossible to only pick one favourite”

Brand Manager, Sweden

My name is Fia and I live with my two children, 20-minutes by train from the Malmö office, in the south of Sweden. I juggle fast paced working days with busy (but fun) family life and peaceful yoga moments.

My workdays are spent getting to know consumers and with the help of analysis and insight, get them to connect more closely to our brands and products in their everyday life. A real treat if you ask me.

Cloetta is an international workplace, where you find people with different backgrounds and diverse competencies and motivations. However, the common denominator is that they are all truly passionate and hardworking, wanting to always achieve excellent results.

You yourself set the limit to your career path and the company is brave and happy enough to support you on your way. No matter if it is taking a step up or making a side-step into a totally new field or role. Cloetta gives you a real possibility to grow both individually and professionally.

In our team, we have set a goal to support each other and celebrate our victories in everyday-work-life. Once a year, there is also an official acknowledgement of people who have achieved something extraordinary or shown extra initiative to live the Cloetta values. It is truly an honor to be the one to enter the stage at this event!

With the flexible work conditions that allow us to work from home two days a week, our team tries to take advantage of the days we are all physically at the office. We have lunch in or outside of the office, but most importantly we have lots of fun, which gives us an extra energy boost – almost like an extra family.

Continual development of your skills

At Cloetta, opportunities grow to exist in many forms. You might want to begin your career after finishing your traineeship, take a step forward, make a sideward jump to new challenges, get some experience in another discipline or take on a management position. We aim to develop the right people for the right positions and believe in your personal potential.

Kick off your job experience at Cloetta

We work with internship programs in several countries, in periods ranging from 5 to 9 months. We cooperate with local schools, colleges and universities.


Former intern of Cloetta

“As a marketing intern I have been able to contribute to many projects of well-known brands within the Dutch market with great guidance from the team. I was given a lot of freedom and responsibility to discover my interests. Besides that, I am very grateful for all the opportunities Cloetta has given me to learn more about myself as a person. I can proudly say that I had a very nice time at Cloetta- where you can make your internship as challenging as you want!”

Apply for a position and join us!

Take a look at our vacancy overview below. Apply for a position and grow your success at Cloetta, the sweet spot of your career!

All vacancies are published for all countries where we have activities. We have both international vacancies, where the English language is required, and local vacancies for which we recruit in local language. Are you curious what our recruitment process looks like? Check our timeline below.

Recruitment Process

During the process, we try our best to provide you with a clear view of the position and Cloetta as an employer. We will explain the role’s responsibilities, possibilities, projects, team and culture, the last by having you experience it when we meet.


You submit your application via our own application form (included in all online ads) and attach your CV and motivation letter. If you know a colleague working at Cloetta you can also have your details referred to us by them.

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